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The Forgotten Baby Shower Gift

Are you familiar with the five love languages? I have often felt most touched by someone's love through a gift they gave me, and the most heartfelt way for me to express my love for someone is through a gift. That expression of love is definitely what inspired the creation of The Peri Parcel, and all the details that went into the design and quality. I wanted to create something that would not only help prepare women for their postpartum care, but would help them feel loved and supported. I wanted to create a new gift option for friends and family members to give to the pregnant women in their lives.

I have yet to attend a baby shower that includes a gift for the mother! I keep envisioning new moms opening this gorgeous box their baby showers. They are surrounded (in person or via Zoom - thanks COVID) by their tribe of friends and family members, some of whom who are likely experienced moms with their own stories of pregnancy and postpartum. I imagine that this breaks the ice for some of the postpartum topics that tend to be awkward, raises questions for the expecting mother that she didn't know she had, and opens up conversations with the women around her about postpartum healing! My hope is that The Peri Parcel helps women connect with others before recovery, so that she feels more comfortable reaching out to others when it's needed during recovery. The Peri Parcel is here to help women feel supported and less alone.

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