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As a mom and doula, I've noticed that lots of energy is poured into having a healthy pregnancy and baby, but recovery for the mother tends to be an afterthought. I continue to hear stories from other women in my life who felt blindsided by their healing bodies. The Peri Parcel was created out of a passion I have to help nurture postpartum mothers, and give them an avenue for self care and postpartum preparedness. I feel committed to using the purest, natural ingredients to help you recover quickly and naturally, and to provide products that are safe for you and your baby.  I love others through gifts, and want to help women feel loved and supported through their postpartum recovery.  This is truly the perfect gift for a new mom at her baby shower, and will help her feel seen and supported, and be better prepared for her body's recovery journey!

The Peri Parcel includes five items that I hand make, carefully, in small batches.  These include Peri Spritz, Bum and Body Cream, Blues Away essential oil roller bottle for emotional support, Nipple Butter and Bath Salts.  These items include natural, high quality ingredients from trusted sources, including doTerra therapeutic grade essential oils. I selected the additional items that are included in the large parcel from companies I admire, who are also committed to using natural ingredients in their products, and maintain strong and ethical company values that benefit women everywhere.  

I am currently working on finalizing a permanent kit-option for non-breastfeeding moms.  Until then, please do not hesitate to contact me about making adjustments to fit your needs, or the needs of the recipient.  

It's important to me that I provide a product that is environmentally friendly. Packaging materials are 100% recyclable!  Even the packing peanuts are bio-degradable!  Packaging filler like peanuts, plastic filler, and newspaper are reused from my own orders.

Thank you SO much for the care and thought that went into that gift. In some of my lonely moments, I felt less alone when I would use something you had made me; it's amazing how a personalized item, especially given as a gift, is such a powerful reminder of support and love when hormones are high and loneliness lingers.


When I opened it at my baby shower everyone gathered around in awe of such a thoughtful gift and immediately got online to see where they could purchase one.  For someone who struggles with self care this was perfect for me! 
My favorite of all...the bath salts.  One thing I do with each of my babes is take a bath with them when we get home from the hospital.  I loved soaking in the salts and taking a moment to soak in this new sweet babe. 


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