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     I'm Leisha, founder and creator of The Peri Parcel!  I'm a mom of three boys, a former high school English teacher, and currently a birth doula in Lincoln, Nebraska. My husband and I had the amazing experience of teaching at an International School in South Korea for five years, where our first son was born.  It was there of course that I began learning about all things pregnancy and birth related, and was extremely blessed to have an amazing doula with us for my son's birth.  It was her role in that experience that inspired me to support women and their families through pregnancy and birth.

     Despite having experienced a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery, I was not very prepared for recovery, and what preparation I had was due to research I had done online. It didn't take long for me to see other women and friends experiencing the same thing. My hope for The Peri Parcel is that more women can enter into postpartum recovery feeling more prepared, and less alone. I want to provide a gift for expecting moms  with material that would help them plan for their recovery period, and with natural, safe, products that will help them heal well.   

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