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The Little Black Envelope

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

It may seem like the smallest part in the kit, but for me it holds the greatest vision. My hope is that the items in this envelope will guide expecting moms, their partners and families as they plan for a period of recovery. I want them to feel validated when they need help, and not to be afraid to ask or accept it. To really allow themselves to slow down, rest, and not feel guilty for it. And to find resources in their area that can help them should they need it, like counseling, or physical therapy, or breastfeeding support. So what’s in the little black envelope?!

⭐️ A Lying In Plan. This is meant for an expecting mom to use with her partner or another supporting friend or family member for intentionally planning a period of rest and recovery. There are suggestions to guide your plan, and space for you to brainstorm according to your unique family situation. This is a little space for you to write down names and numbers of people who can help with.... whatever. Meals, older children, pets, lawn care, etc. It also encourages you where to start in your research and conversations to have with your partner about postpartum mental and emotional health, symptoms to look for, and providing space for you to list resources in your area that can help should you need it. The Dr. Shosh Wellness plan is currently included with some advice to help moms protect their mental health.

⭐️Tip list from other moms. There’s no way to include everything, but here is a list of tips from moms collected through conversations about the very common surprises that no one seems to talk about. (Like postpartum pooping. Prepare yourself.) ⭐️A note from me to you, whoever you are, you lovely strong, brave woman you. 💕 ⭐️A little bit of info and backstory on the Parcel itself.

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