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What does the hospital provide for recovery?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I got my hands on some of the basics that I’m fairly certain are provided after a vaginal delivery by most hospitals and birth centers in the US.

⭐️ Pads - probably about the size of your infant diapers! And great for those first few days of heavy bleeding.

⭐️ Disposable mesh undies. STOCK UP on these before you go home because they really are amazing, comfy, stretchy, and you can throw them away after use, though I have known women who have washed and used them to their death.

⭐️ Witch hazel wipes: similar to tucks wipes and helpful for those hard earned hemorrhoids. ⭐️ Dermoplast - a aerosol numbing agent provided to help ease all the vaginal pain after birth. The main ingredient in this is benzocaine, and is what you would find in other numbing agents like Orajel. While it can provide some relief, it doesn’t provide any healing support or protection against infection.

⭐️ Lanolin - for breastfeeding moms, this is provided to protect sore dry nipples. Lanolin can provide some relief, but doesn’t nourish the skin and encourage healing.

⭐️ Not pictured - a peri bottle is a small plastic bottle provided to help you rinse with warm water after using the restroom. In short, the hospital certainly doesn’t leave you empty handed, but almost there is very little provided for extra healing and protective support. . Depending on your needs, additional supplies or prescriptions may be necessary, though I encourage you to be aware of the side effects on you and/or your baby if you are breastfeeding. Mamas, what else did your hospital send you home with? Which items were most helpful to you?

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