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Birth Affirmations with Scripture

Birth Affirmations with Scripture

This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD that includes a set of 25 beautiful, simple, birth affirmation cards to help you find confidence as you approach your birth. This set includes ten cards inspired by biblical scripture. Use them in black and white, or make them vibrant with color! Practicing positive self affirmation does incredible things for our minds and thoughts, helps us to manage stress, achieve our goals and have more positive outcomes, adapt easier to challenges and helps us to believe better things about ourselves. Using birth affirmations throughout pregnancy and labor empowers mothers in their ability to give birth, combat fear and anxiety about giving birth, and feel more positive about the experience. These are not meant to guarantee a specific birth outcome, but rather to help women find the strength to embrace their experience and adapt to changes when needed.


The benefits of birth affirmations are most effective if you take time to read them or think about them daily throughout your last few weeks of pregnancy. They can also be helpful when you are having anxious or fearful thoughts. Keep them with you throughout labor, have your partner read them to you, or have them placed somewhere in your room where you can easily see them and focus on them throughout your birth experience.


These affirmations are helpful for all birth experiences. While a few of the cards use language that reference vaginal birth, most of these affirmations can be used for c-section as well. My intent was to select statements that help women embrace their experience with peace and without fear.I recommend printing these on heavier paper like cardstock. Printing two to a page will create 5x7 cards. You can select a few of your favorites to focus on, or use them all! Keep them on a ring, or hang them with string and clips on the wall. You may also print them on full sheets, and place around your home before birth to provide positive reminders throughout your day. Fill your mind with positive, empowering thoughts, because you are strong, you are worthy, and you deserve to believe that!

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